Wednesday, 20 September 2017

Planning A Road Trip? Here Are Some Tips And Ideas

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Planning a road trip? Here are some great tips and ideas. 
1-Australian Driving Holiday Tips
Australia covers a huge area and, compared to other destinations, most of the country is not well-serviced by public transportation. When travelling around, the options are flying or taking a train but driving yourself is the best way to experience the countryside. Here are some tips on how to make the most of your
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2-Yukon Winter Driving Holiday
A driving trip around the Yukon is filled with unexpected wildlife encounters and chance meetings with local characters. Seeing wildlife by the roadside is but one of the many memorable Yukon adventures on our winter driving journey.
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3-Road Safari in Kenya
In Swahili (the national language of Kenya) safari means much more than searching for wildlife in the bush. A safari is an overland journey that encompasses so much more than seeing wildlife.A road trip north from Nairobi offers a rich visual kaleidoscope of Kenyan life. 
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