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Quick Guide to the Fabulous Things to do in Sentosa Island

Quick Guide to the Fabulous Things to do in Sentosa Island
I was shocked when I started researching attractions in Singapore by the staggering amount of things to do in Sentosa Island. So many, in fact, that we dedicated 3.5 days of our 5 days in Singapore just to exploring the attractions in Sentosa Island - and we still didn't see them all. Nevertheless, we did get around a big slice of the island and visited the attractions that are best for young kids. Get ready for a massive post as the list of things to do in Sentosa Island is l o n g!

Sentosa is an island resort located off the coast of Singapore. It is easily reached from Singapore (more details below) and is visited by about 5 million people a year. It has grown a lot since I last visited in 2005. I was surprised by how much! It is a modern, top class resort facility and just full of fun attractions for the whole family. Here is a list of what we did on our holiday as well as lots of information to make your stay on Sentosa Island a success!
Resorts World Sentosa
Resorts World Sentosa is an integrated resort (so called because it is a casino "integrated" with a holiday resort) located on Sentosa Island. It takes up a big slice of the island and is the first attraction you will find when arriving from mainland Singapore. It is home to a casino, many hotels, restaurants, food courts, shops, Trick Eye Museum and some of the biggest attractions on Sentosa Island - Universal Studios, Adventure Cove Waterpark, S.E.A. Aquarium and Dolphin Island - where you can meet dolphins.
S.E.A Aquarium
This is the largest aquarium in the world and it could also be the best! It is an amazing aquarium full of marine life displayed attractively. There are over 100,000 marine animals of over 800 different species. It makes for an amazing spectacle.

My favourite part is the tunnels that started and finished our journey through the aquarium. S loved looking at the fish that were under our feet - they had one tank under a floor made of glass. The touch pool was also a great hit. There are just so many massive displays.

The other big hit for us was all the activities around the place for children. S made a fin for herself and did a jigsaw and there were many informative displays where we could do things like touch sharks jaws. This was a great way to break up the aquarium for S (currently 4) and ensured she was kept entertained and engaged. At each activity, S got a stamp on the sheet she was given on entry, and at the end she was given a prize.
Adventure Cove Waterpark
Adventure Cove Waterpark is a great looking water park with water slides, wave pool, kid water play areas, a water based obstacle course, snorkeling with fish over a reef and a river to tube around. There is also Dolphin Island Marine Life Park within its boundaries where you can wade with sting rays or play with dolphins (both at an extra charge and with a minimum height requirement of 122cm and 115cm respectively).

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