Saturday, 22 July 2017

Your Ultimate Montreal + Quebec Bucket List For This Summer


It's funny that even though my all-time favorite blogging topic is Europe, SO MANY people ask me about Montreal. My Montreal and Quebec posts are among the most popular, and I get a good 10 emails a week with questions about holidays to Montreal. I can completely see why - between the stunning landscapes of Charlevoix, the lively music scene in Montreal and the awe-inspiring old-world beauty of Quebec City, it's understandable that tourism in the province of Quebec is increasing rapidly. And I'm extremely proud to be your go-to person for this beautiful part of the globe. This is why I've put together a short Quebec bucket list, which comprises all the things I will be doing in the coming months in and outside of Montreal.

Side note on the weather: it's good to know that contrary to popular belief, summers in the province of Quebec are not cold. Not at all, in fact, with temperatures rising to 35 degrees quite frequently and with high humidity. Most visitors are quite surprised at how warm it can get, especially in the city.

And since our loonie has never been more affordable, now is a good a time as any to visit Quebec. Especially for you lucky Americans, who can finally take advantage of our low currency ;-)

Enjoy the best of alternative music at Osheaga Festival

This has got to be my favourite festival in the world. With world-class artists like Mumfort & Sons and Florence + the Machine as well as up and comers First Aid Kit and Of Monsters and Men lined up for this year's edition, Osheaga celebrates its 10th anniversary in style. I love how the festival integrates music, visual arts, city views and great food (thanks to the many on-site food trucks), and although I am starting to feel a bit old and overdressed to attend, nothing will ever keep me away from these three glorious days.

Enjoy delicious farm-to-table dining at Les Labeurs in bucolic Charlevoix

Although most people visit Charlevoix because of the stunning landscapes (rightfully so!), what really makes me want to visit is the excellent food. With its extremely rich soil and its strong sense of tradition, Charlevoix takes great pride in encouraging small farms and sourcing its produce from local markets. Les Labours, which is located in the chic Hôtel La Ferme, is definitely the highlight of this farm-to-table trend.

Eat my weight in delicacies on a Quebec City food tour

Although Montreal is one of the most food-oriented cities I've ever visited, Quebec City isn't far behind. I'm particularly interested in the Saint-Roch food tour, which encompasses a once run-down but newly rejuvenated and lively neighbourhood. The tour focuses on local specialties, like craft beer and cheeses.

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