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This Is-What You Should Do In Cuba.Assuming You Can-Get There.

This Is What You Should Do In Cuba (Assuming You Can Get There)

It didn't take long for American tourism to flourish in Cuba following Obama's decision to ease travel restrictions in 2016, allowing Americans to finally book their own travel to the island rather than going as part of an organized tour group. American airlines added competitively priced direct flights; new restaurants opened; hotel chains announced plans to expand and build. For their part, Cubans opened their arms to American travelers. And suddenly, it was over before it began. Earlier this month, President Trump announced he would be reinstating some of the pre-Obama travel restrictions to Cuba. Many Americans were left scratching their heads. It later expired pre-booked trips won't be affected. But if you want to go to Cuba in the future as an American citizen, you'll be restricted to traveling in an organized group, and you will not be able to stay at any hotel, eat at any restaurant or visit any establishment run by the Cuban military. This is a bit sticky -the military has a hand in a large part of the Cuban tourism industry. Currently, it's still unclear which places are okay to visit.

The following itinerary was created when Americans could still travel freely to and from Cuba; however, that's not to say that one couldn't still do these things as part of an organized tour, provided nothing below is in breach of the current US government laws. And so, if you do find yourself in Havana anytime soon, here's a suggested list of things to see and do.

Breakfasts are a culinary event: freshly baked brioche, vegetable frittatas the size of a pizza-for-one, fruit (strawberries from the U-Pick just outside town) and yoghurt. One evening we came home to find strawberry shortcake with real whipped cream--superb, said my companion, an authority on the subject. The Beaverbrook Art Gallery and Fredericton's compact downtown are within walking distance of Quartermain House. There is a walking/jogging/biking path along Waterloo Row, with an on-ramp to a disused railway bridge over the river that is now part of the city's recreation trail network. You may want to make use of it to prepare for or work off breakfast.

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