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Short Lessons In Canadian History That Won't Bore You!

canadian castles
Canadian Culture and History 
 Across Canada there's a collection of glorious turrets and intricate stonework from impressive Canadian castles and forts. These forts and castles in Canada vividly punctuate the stunning Canadian landscape like props in a fairytale.   
Celebrate Canada's 150th Anniversary Since Confederation
history of canada
10 Things You Did Know About Canadian History

Before Canada became a nation, explorers, fur trappers, and rugged settlers arrived at this largely uninhabited land in search of fortune and a new life. 
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Four Famous Forts

Canada has some impressive forts that will, no doubt, be packed with visitors during Canada's Sesquicentennial Anniversary. 
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cape breton island
Cape Breton Island Music Festival

If you shake a bush a fiddler falls out and a step dancer is never far behind. Cape Bretoners have deep roots, a storied history and large hearts.  
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First Capital of Upper Canada

We won't get into the long history lesson but we will hopefully spark your interest to explore one of the capitals that made headlines back in Britain pre-Confederation during the early 19th century.  
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alaska highway

Historic Alaska Highway

The Alaska Highway is one of the world's most amazing constructed wonders. 
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Where to stay
fairmont montebello

A 1930's architectural gem in Quebec. 
vancouver hotels
Where to find a cool hotel in Vancouver. 
ski canada

Your guide to Canada's best winter resorts.
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