Monday, 10 July 2017

8 overlooked islands all South-east Asia lovers should have on their list

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8 Unexplored Yet Affordable Islands In South-East Asia That Every Indian Traveller Must Visit

Phuket, Bali, Koh Samui and Langkawi are beautiful islands that offer plentiful activities, amazing beaches and gorgeous resorts to relax in. However, they have become a little too popular! So, we explore something off the beaten path, something that has peace, tranquility and wild beauty. These are the islands that offer you deserted waterfalls, unique treks and thriving diving sites. The islands mentioned below may not exactly be a secret, but they are largely untouched and have so far remained unspoiled by tourism. And if true relaxation is what you want, these islands meet the goal –

Côn Đảo: A beautiful picturesque island located off the southeast coast of Vietnam, Côn Đảo is a tropical escape. It is popular among locals, but not yet bustling with tourists. The islands have a forested area of over 80%, which serves as a home to exotic wildlife, dugongs (sea cows) and sea turtles...


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