Thursday, 15 June 2017

A Quick Guide to Strasbourg


On a mission to find the prettiest and most charming towns in France, it was inevitable that our itinerary would soon lead to Strasbourg. Located close to the border between France and Germany in the Alsace region, Strasbourg is a unique bled between the two influences in a range of ways, but most noticeably in architectural and culinary influences. If you're visiting Strasbourg for the first time, here is everything you need to know to make the most of your stay (or if you've just come here for inspiration, prepare to be inspired!)

Checking In: Sofitel Strasbourg

For our stay in Strasbourg we were nearing the end of our Spring European journey, so we decided to check in to the centrally located Sofitel Strasbourg for a couple of nights to explore the small city and surrounds in the Alsace region of France. The hotel had a great location just a two minute stroll from the major shopping area and a maximum of five minutes walking to reach the Strasbourg Cathedral and La Petite, the most picturesque part of town. I'd recommend this hotel if you don't mind a chain hotel and are looking for something central and good value for money, but it was the buffet breakfast that really sold it for me! Their scrambled eggs on toast are to die for.

What to see in Strasbourg

The city itself is incredibly picturesque, but once you have wandered around for a few hours to take it all in you will still find plenty to do, including:

Cathedral Notre Dame de Strasbourg

This cathedral is impressively large and as such, you really can't miss it. Located in the centre of town, the 15th-century cathedral is impressive both inside and out, so be sure to stop by on your visit to Strasbourg.

La petite France

If you've seen the picturesque photos of Strasbourg and that is what has inspired you to come here, then you'll find this picture-perfect part of town in La petite France, the most charming little district to wander around any day of the week.

Barrage Vauban

Completely free and with a great view of the town, barrage vauban is an iconic bridge built in the 17th-century. Take a Boat Ride

Another great way to see Strasbourg as a visitor is to jump on board the boats that cruise around the river and offer impressive views of the iconic Strasbourg architecture.

Rent a Bicycle

If you're more of an active person and would prefer to clock up some kilometres on a bicycle, the city offers a bike rental service for 20 euros per month. You likely won't need it that long but the price is impressive nonetheless!

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