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A List of Holy Land Sites in Israel & Palestine


The modern day state of Israel and the Palestinian territories are home to a great range of Holy sites, known to be part of "The Holy Land". There are also more sites in Lebanon, Western Jordan southwestern Syria, however most of the sites and those most prominent are located in Israel and in Palestine. Middle Eastern politics aside, this is a fascinating area to explore with so much history to offer, especially for Christians, Jews and Muslims. The birthplace of Jesus is here, as is his childhood town, many biblically referenced sites and so much natural beauty that I just couldn't fathom all that was happening throughout my one week trip! Here's a list of Holy Land Sites in Israel & Palestine to help facilitate your visit...


Jerusalem is an incredible place to be and is one of those cities you could never spend enough time, however it is not always safe to visit so be sure to keep yourself updated with current events. For Christians, the most important sites are the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Church of St. John the Baptist, and the Church of All Nations. Also be sure to look out for the Mount of Olives (easily in view from Jerusalem old town).
Church of the Holy Sepulchre - Believed to be the site of Jesus' crucifixion.
Church of St. John the Baptist - This is where Jesus is believed to have said his last prayers before being betrayed by Judas.
Church of All Nations - The birthplace of St. John, known for having baptized Jesus.

Bethlehem (Palestine)

Bethlehem is perhaps the most important place to visit in the Holy Land, as it is the birthplace of Jesus and home to the Church of Nativity (under which Jesus was born, marked by a 14-pointed star set in the ground). Before visiting, do note that it is easier to visit with a tour group as Israeli Nationals cannot enter Bethlehem given that it is located in Palestinian territories, so there is a check point you will need to cross (bring your passport!)


The name, "Jesus of Nazareth" is of course due to the city of Nazareth being where Jesus spent his childhood days, making this another very popular site for Christians visiting Israel. The main attraction in Nazareth is the Basilica of the Annunciation, the largest Christian Church in the Middle East.

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